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The Good Science - Skin Scares

One of the most disconcerting things a wrestling coach can hear is that one of his wrestlers has been diagnosed with a skin infection. Immediately, competitive thoughts are replaced by concern for the well being of the wrestler, his team mates and recent competitors. And while taking swift and aggressive actions to a situation that could derail a season, a review of The Good Science reminds us that the actions to be taken are not dissimilar to the best practices within any comprehensive, best practice, antimicrobial program.

• Daily cleaning and disinfecting of contact surfaces.

• Good skin hygiene and use of FDA TFM compliant skin sanitizers between showers.

• Inhibiting the growth of bacteria and fungus on surfaces, uniforms and equipment.

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The Good Science - Sterilization

As a component of our partnership with the Ohio High School Coaches Association, MicroArmor agreed to provide member coaches with "The Good Science" regarding antimicrobial best practices. The purpose being to assist coaches in differentiating between science based and false marketing claims and, to assist them in implementing a comprehensive antimicrobial program that makes the most of scarce resources.

Recently we were asked about a company who claims that their one time cleaning service would "Sterilize" the wrestling room, weight room or locker room. This OHSWCA member coach correctly contacted us to discuss this claim and attain a better understanding of the difference between Disinfecting, Sanitizing and Sterilizing.

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