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The Good Science - Sterilization

As a component of our partnership with the Ohio High School Coaches Association, MicroArmor agreed to provide member coaches with "The Good Science" regarding antimicrobial best practices. The purpose being to assist coaches in differentiating between science based and false marketing claims and, to assist them in implementing a comprehensive antimicrobial program that makes the most of scarce resources.

Recently we were asked about a company who claims that their one time cleaning service would "Sterilize" the wrestling room, weight room or locker room. This OHSWCA member coach correctly contacted us to discuss this claim and attain a better understanding of the difference between Disinfecting, Sanitizing and Sterilizing.

Continue reading to learn The Good Science regarding what this coach came to understand was a misleading and false marketing claim........

Sterilization is the process of killing all life forms whether dangerous or not. Steam, High Heat, Incineration and Radiation are the primary types of sterilization, with chemical sterilization being reserved for situations where the materials are heat or radiation sensitive. Due to cost, concurrent and post safety issues chemical sterilization is limited to food processing, medical and surgical environments. And to remain sterile the process must be repeated after each use or at most on a daily basis. The types of gas and liquid chemical sterilizers include; Ethylene Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Hydrogen Peroxide (35-90% concentrations) and Peracetic Acid. Chemical sterilizers pose significant danger to humans and thus are heavily regulated in terms of their production, storage and use. WHAT THIS MEANS IS THAT NO CLEANING COMPANY THAT USES EPA REGISTERED DISINFECTANTS CAN CLAIM THAT THEY ARE STERILIZING YOUR WRESTLING ROOM, WEIGHT ROOM, LOCKER ROOM OR ANY OTHER AREA.

MicroArmor is committed to providing OHSWCA, its member coaches and the Ohio wrestlers with the most effective and efficient antimicrobial products and services available. As noted in our Antimicrobial system we utilize the Good Science to address surface, equipment, uniform/footwear and skin protection. And as an added service to OHSWCA customers, we will train their coaches, wrestlers and/or maintenance staff on how to disinfect their wrestling room, weight room, locker room and equipment routinely using MicroAmor products at a level rivaling any one time cleaning service. Additionally, our "Do It Yourself" kit allows you to apply the same microbial inhibiting Cationic Coating used by professional sports teams. As your partner we know, like you, that the most effective and efficient way to do anything is to........Do It Smarter.

Don C. Muir
BS Public Health, MBA Healthcare
MicroArmor Inc.


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